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the keys & therefore am ready to listen to those whom experience has better informed

I hope I shall soon have the Pleasure of receiving intelligence from some of Your Cruizers, Whose Orders I shall not interfere with to my own Emolument in any respect.

I have but one frigate with me except my repeater, having sent the Endymio to strengthen the Convoy with Troops from Charles Town to Jamaica

My force in Line of Battle ships is Twelve, the Same Number Vaudreuil has, but should I fall in with a reinforcement coming from Europe or Martinique, I shall become very inferior to him, as he has not a ship under a 74, & I have four of 64, therefore I beg leave humbly to submit to your Judgement , whether it would not be right to send underline all /underline the serviceable ships of the Line to me from Port Royal.

Vaudreuil could not I think leave Boston before the End of this

catchword Month /catchword