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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

note 10 /note Detrecto, avi, are_ To decline Summoveo, I, ēre_ To remove Animadversio, onis_ {Punishment


Classicum, I_ {The sound

                                                    {of a trumpet
                                                    {to call
                                                    {the soldiers

Quandoquidem {For as much


Delictum, i,_ A crime Plecto, xi, ĕre_ To punish Luere poenas_ {To suffer


Deligo, avi, are_ To bind to Exanimatus, i_ Dispirited note 20 /note Securis, is An ax

Cruor, oris_ Blood Cremo, avi, are_ To burn Rogius,i_ A funeral pire Strictus ensis_ A drawn sword