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(2) Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Discutio, cussi, ĕre_ To shake off. Dedisco, ici, ĕre_ To unlearn. Gremium, i_ A lap. note 20 /note Haurio, si, ire_ To draw Operae pretiam_ Worth while Soboles,is_ Offspring Verecundia,ae_ {Bashfulness


Delego,avi, are_ To delegate Irrepo, si, ĕre_ To creep upon Penuria,ae_ Want, penury Saturitas,atis_ Fulness, satiety Coturnix, icis_ A quail Siliqua,ae_ A Hush note 30 /note Semen, inis_ Seed Albedo, inis_ Whiteness Pruina,ae_ A Hoar Frost Effervesco, ui, ĕre_ To boil over