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(3) Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Mel, llis_ Honey Percontor, atus, ari_ {To make

                                                  {a thorough

Defessus, a,um_ Quite tired Prolixius_ More prolixly Uterus, i_ The Womb Abluo, ui, ĕre To wash note 40 /note Fascia, ae_ A bandage Vellicare aurem {To pull by the


Lanista,ae_ A Fencing Master Pugilatus, ûs_ Boxing Vortex, icis_ A whirlpool Vitricus,i_ A step Father Crassus,a, um_ Thick Creber, a um_ Frequent note 48 /note Perstringo,} {To run over inxi, ĕre} {lightly