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June 16th 1809--

I received your kind letter this morning and anxiously wish to dispatch you one time assuring you time, underline infinitely /underline I am obliged to you for taking so underline dearly kind /underline a part in my underline behalf /underline -- I am more thankful than I can express underline only lament /underline that underline any thing /underline I said should found underline contrary /underline to you /underline yet remaining /underline I have in regard to the underline Navigation /underline -- I wish you would underline help /underline me in my underline answer /underline to underline Her /underline as I heartily wish to get underline clear /underline of the business for fear we should go up next underline week /underline which is underline likely-- /underline I highly approve of your suggestion about the underline Bishop /underline but who can speak to him & tell him the underline absurdity /underline of underline both-- /underline I unclear I am much unclear underline Her answer /underline to you for I was in hopes she knew the unclear value of a underline unclear a friend-- /underline If I know from you tomorrow I shall write again; I am all anxiety for your opinion what the underline letter /underline unclear & God bless you unclear me a underline half /underline of a underline few lines /underline to still underline Mary's /underline heart of this sad business as I am done speaking to either will be of no avail--Pray again accept my thanks--be assured you know by underline no means from the unclear /underline

God bless you--

From Princess Sophia