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November 11th 1809

I am quite ashamed dear Sir P not having been three days without acknowledging the receipt of your kind letter written on the 3d of the month I cannot express how underline truly /underline I unclear your kindness in thinking of me on underline that day /underline for I am sure your good wishes underline are sincere /underline and trust me they are most underline acceptable /underline in the Regard and in turn I have for you unclear unclear and I look upon you as underline one /underline of my kindest & best of underline Friends /underline and as you have proved yourself in many instances-- I was unclear what to tell you that underline Mary unclear /underline has been here for three days: quit underline Caroline to Rome /underline and speaking of underline Rome /underline as a mother of service and as if all was going underline as well /underline as I hope there is underline now /underline a underline chance /underline of its continuing-- I am glad to have unclear as if unclear aware of the underline Character /underline and unclear of unclear underline & her sister /underline used I hope underline Ann /underline is as much upon her unclear we cannot