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July 22d 1810--

Dear Sir Billy--

If you should by chance have heard of my being ill I suppose you will be all in a fidget and talking not each day to which the melancholy tidings of my unclear nevertheless praying for my recovery to unclear unclear of the underline money-- /underline unclear I know you say God's my life I shall be d--d not of unclear should she unclear hopes the Quarter is paid in; well I will not be brutal and so I will sure ease your mind by assuring you I am unclear well and will send you with this the £4--Now let us borrow your pleasure about the rest: will you unclear some of it now and you wish me to keep it till we meet; I am at your Commands-- Regard me like an underline honest man /underline and don't trust me like unclear or in other words like our underline R: H; /underline than without unclear always bringing to my unclear underline trumpeting /underline that I was an underline Old Lass /underline neither useful nor ornamental-- I have said all this to show you my hand is underline free; /underline unclear you will unclear it underline very unclear /underline with folly and such Stuff-- unclear unclear I now want you to help me out of a distress; I want to do it underline deliberately /underline and unclear to make some if not being called upon to pay the money again--I send for the unclear Receipt which will at once explain Edwards' having lent me that