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Vol. 7. Young's Annals page 65. Extract of Ralph Robinson' of Windsor's letter Jany. 1st. 1787. On Mr. Ducket's modo of Cultivation.

The Farm at Petersham rented by Mr. Ducket has now been nineteen years in his possession, and at present in a most flourishing state, though three of his Predecessor's failed on it.

When he first entered on it, all the land, except the meadows appeared to be hungry sand, and several Acres covered with gorse and bramble, which now produce excellent crops of Corn.

As his modesty prevents his appearing among your correspondents, I will attempt to describe his mode of cultivation, rather than it shall longer remain unnoticed in your Annals.

His system is a medium between the Old, and Drill husbandry, which he practised six years prior to his coming to Petersham on a small Farm at Esher, and also at the late Duke of Newcastle's Villa of Claremount, where he used his three ploughs but at that time hand hoed all his Corn.

His course of husbandry consists in employing Clover, Turnips, and Rye as feeding Crops, and intermediate ones between Wheat, Barley, Oats, and Rye, changing these occasionally according to the nature and state of the land. Of these intermediate Crops, those which serve only to fill up the Winter interval are of the greatest use, for winter and spring catchword food /catchword