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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Enixè orare_ {To intreat


Velamentum, i_ A covering Eveho, exi, ĕre_ To raise Lares, rium_ {Household


note 20 /note Eximius, a,um_ Choice, select Accerso, ivi, ĕre_ to call, to --- Deleo, evi, ēre_ to blot out Gens, tis_ A Nation Increpitus, a, um_ Chidden, blamed Aggrego, avi, are_ {To gather


Reficio, eci, ĕre_ {To repair, make


Diversor, atus, ari_ To sojourn Renideo, ui, ēre_ To shine, glisten Obtego, xi, ĕre_ To hide, conceal note 30 /note Vocifero, avi,are_ To bawl Alumnus, i_ A pupil