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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Limen, inis _ {The threshold

                                                    {of the door

Emendatus, a um_ Corrected Commitatus,a, um_ Affability Subtegulus habitare_ {To live in a


note 36 /note Plagosus,a,um A whisper


Compesco, ui, ĕre_ To check Excarnifico, avi, are_ To torment Formidolosus, a, um_ Timorous Permulceo,si, ēre To sooth


Erubesco, ui, ĕre_ To blush Luctor, atus ari_ To struggle Extundo, udi, ĕre_ To hammer out Desidia,ae_ Sloth Provehi equo_ To advance

                                                     on horseback