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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Res arctae_ Strait circumstances note Internecio, onis_ A general slaughter


Vito, avi, are_ To shun, avoid Mortem sibi conscire_ To kill one's self Conscisco, ivi, ĕre_ {To vote by common

                                               {to procure.

Haereo, haesi, ēre_ To stick. Gigno, i, ĕre_ To beget Desisto, destiti, ĕre To desist Perfuor, ui_ To enjoy Imperito, avi, are_ To command. Occoepi, ire_ To begin note 10 /note Saluber, is_ Wholesome Pe^addition r /addition nicies, ei_ Destruction Pendo, pependi, pendĕre_ To deletion way /deletion addition weigh /addition pay Lito, avi, are_ To sacrifice