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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Venor, atus, ari_ To hunt Vectus equo_ On horseback Certo, avi, are_ To strive Sancio, xi, ire_ To establish Irritus, a, um_ Void, of no ^ addition effect /addition Pugil,lis_ A Boxer Luctator, oris_ Wrestler Suavior, ari_ To kiss deletion unclear /deletion note 10 /note Osculum, i_ deletion unclear /deletion A kiss Stadium,i_ A course Mancipo, avi, are_ To enslave. Simulacrum, i_ An Image Fatior, fassus, fateri To confess Venia, ae_ Pardon Clades, is _ Slaughter Dispertior, itus, iri_ To divide

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