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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

opperior, itus, iri_ To wait Avello, I, ĕre_ To pull away note 20 /note Vultus, ûs_ Countenance Luctus, ûs_ Grief Sospes, it is_ Safe Moestus,a,um_ Sorrowful Sicera, ae_ {Any strong


Intonsus, a um_ Not shorn Fretus,a, um_ Relying on Prosterno, avi, ĕre_ To throw down Aestus, ûs_ Heat Sitis, is_ Thirst Proda, idi, ĕre_ To betray Accisus, a, um_ {Cut off, klip'd


note 32 /note Exardeo, arci, ēre_ To rage