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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Munia, orum_ deletion An /deletion Offices Adjutorium, ii_ A Help Propugnaculum, I_ A fortress Accuro,avi,are_ {To take


Propatulus, a, um_ Open, spread Sub dio_ {In the open


Plurimum conferre_ {To conduce


Propulsare injuriam_ {To repel

                                                 {an injury

Anguis, is_ A snake note 10 /note Thalamus, I_ A Bedchamber Augur, is_ A diviner by Birds Haruspex, is_ {A diviner by looking

                                                {in the entrails
                                                {of the Sacrifices

Superstes, is_ Surviving Incoeptum,i_ {Enterprise


Scissus, a,um Cut, rent, toren Imus, a,um_ Lowest, deepest