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Latin underline Rogus, I_ A funeral pile Stricto ferro incumbere {To fall upon

                                                       {a drawn sword

Quaestus, us_ Gain, Profit Exigo, egi, ĕre_ To exact, require Increpo, ui, et avi, are_ To chide, check Irruo, ui, ĕre_ To rush in upon Nequeo, ivi, itum, ire_ To be unable Concurri, I, ĕre_ To fight, engage image Favilla, ae_ Ember, Ashes Cubtullus, i_ A little knife Unguis, is_ {A nail of finger

                                                       {or toe

Elabor, apsus, abi_ {To slide or

                                                       {slip away

Aegroto, avi, are_ To be sick