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[L]atin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Purpuratus, a ,um_ A deletion unclear /deletion Nobleman Condono, deletion unclear /deletion avi, are_ To give freely note 3 /note Deprecor, atus, ari_ To deprecate Latus, oris_ The Side note 20 /note Peregre profisci_ To go abroad Postulation, onis_ {A suit, unclear

                                          {accusation begun

Vela facere_ To set sail. -Forens_ Bearing -Comperio, i, ire_ {To know

                                          {for certain

-Maestor, oris_ Grief. dirimere controversiam_ {To put an

                                          {end to a 

--Gognatio, onis_ {Relation by - {blood. --Duntaxeat_ {Only, alone, note1 /note

                                           {at least