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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Cunctatio, onis_ Delay Opitulor, atus, ari_ To assist, help Fretus, a um_ Relying upon Contumelia,ae_ {Contumely, contemptuous

                                      {reproach, foul words

Assentatio,onis_ Flattery Adjutrix, icis_ A Female assistant Blandi^ addition ti /addition a, ae_ Soothing, fawning Scitus, a um_ {Wise, clever

                                                  {pretty, neat

note 10 /note Mentior, itus, iri_ To lie Sanabilis, is_ Curable Caernifax, icis_ A Hangman Coarguo, ui, ĕre_ {To charge

                                                  {tax one of any

Latito, avi, are_ {To lie hidden,

                                                  {to lurk