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(4) Latin underline Words and Phrases. /underline

Prenso, avi, are_ To lay hold of Prolabor, apsus, abi_ To fall Coetus, ûs_ An Assembly Exoro, avi, are_ To intreat Obripo, epsi ere_ To creep in


Suspicio, ixi, ĕre_ To honour Altus, ae, um Nourished. Praedium, ii A Farm deletion unclear /deletion Incunabula, orum_ A cradle note 10 /note Pocillum, i_ A little cup Foro, avi, are_ To bore Poenas unclear capite {To be capitally


Convicium, i_ Reproach, Slander Subripio, ui, ĕre _ {To take away

                                                     {deletion unclear /deletion by stealth