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To be viewed on Tuesday, and catalogues had on the premises;  
To be viewed on Tuesday, and catalogues had on the premises;  
at Garraway's; and of Mr. Roper, No. 59, Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square.  
at Garraway's; and of Mr. Roper, No. 59, Upper Charlotte-
street, Fitzroy-square.  
Leasehold Houses, in Span's Buildings, near Church-row, St.
Leasehold Houses, in Span's Buildings, near Church-row, St.

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underline Sales by Auction. /underline

Gloucester-street, Queen-square.

By Mr. DAWSON, on the Premises, on Monday next, at Twelve,

THE genuine and genteel HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Pictures, Prints, Pier and Chimney Glasses, and other Effects, of a Lady, deceased, No. 37, Gloucester- street, Queen-square; comprising handsome four-post bedsteads and chintz furniture, good goose feather beds and bedding, mahogany bureau and bookcase, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dining, card, and Pembroke tables, a cellaret sideboard, French window curtains, sofas and chairs, good Brussels and other carpets, an eight day clock, and good kitchen requisites.

May be viewed on Saturday, when catalogues may be had on the premises, and of Mr. Dawson, Great Marlborough-street.

Bryanstone-street, Portman-square.

By Mr. ROPER, on the Premises, on Wednesday, the 26th inst. at Twelve o'clock,

THE neat and genuine HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 450 Ounces of modern Plate, a fine-toned Pianoforte by Ganer, and other valuable Effects, of Mrs. Corbett, leaving off housekeeping, at No. 4, Bryanstone-street, Portman- square; comprising four-post bedsteads, with cotton furnitures and window curtains; goose beds, good bedding, excellent mahogany double and single chests of drawers, with secretaire, pier and dressing glasses, a set of mahogany dining tables with circular ends, cellaret sideboard, card and Pembroke tables, mahogany and japanned chairs and sofas, Brussels carpet, stoves, range, jack, kitchen requisites, &c. &c.

To be viewed on Tuesday, and catalogues had on the premises; at Garraway's; and of Mr. Roper, No. 59, Upper Charlotte- street, Fitzroy-square.

Leasehold Houses, in Span's Buildings, near Church-row, St. Pancras.

By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's Coffee-house, in 'Change- alley, Cornhill, on Wednesday next, at Twelve o'clock, in Three Lots,

THREE neat new-built LEASEHOLD HOUSES, very pleasantly situate, No. 17, 18, and 19, in Span's Buildings, near the Church at St. Pancras, in the occupation of good Tenants at will, at 201. each per annum.

To be viewed till the sale, and the particulars may be had on the premises; and at the Wheatsheaf, in Church-row, St. Pancras; at the Baptist Coffee-house, Chancery lane; at Garraway's, 'Change- alley; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden-square.

Spacious House, and a very capital Shop, fronting Burlington- House, Piccadilly, with immediate possession.

By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's Coffee-house, 'Change-alley, Cornhill, on Wednesday next, at Twelve o'clock,

A Substantial modern-built LEASEHOLD HOUSE, and spacious Shop, most desirably and advantageously situate, No. 179, on the South Side of Piccadilly, opposite Burlington House, late in the occupation of Mr. John Debrett, Bookseller; containing four nearly finished rooms, with closets, on each of the upper floors; a most capital shop, large parlour, and paved yard; two kitchens, and all requisite domestic offices, fitted up with the utmost convenience. The premises have been recently repaired and improved, at a very great expence, are presumed to be in one of the first situations at the West end of the town, for a variety of genteel businesses requiring room. They are held for a long term, at a moderate rent, and the purchaser may have immediate possession.

To be viewed till the sale, and particulars may be had on the premises; at the Baptist Coffee-house, Chancery-lane; at Garraway's, 'Change-alley; of Messrs. Burley and Moore, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden-square.

Excellent Leasehold Houses, Kennington Green, Surrey.

By Mr. Willock, at Carraway's Coffee-house, 'Change-alley, Cornhill, on Wednesday next, at Twelve o'clock, in Two Lots,

Lot 1. A Substantial, well-built, and nearly finished LEASEHOLD HOUSE, most delightfully situate nearly opposite the Pond at Kennington Green, one mile from Westminster Bridge, with convenient offices, front-court, large walled garden, and a stable, in the occupation of Anthony Harding, Esq. on Lease, at 60 Guineas per annum.

Lot 2. Another substantial Leasehold House, situate next but one to the last, and on a similar plan, with a court, and large walled garden, in the occupation of Robert Alexander Druce, Esq. on lease, at only 50|. per annum. Both Lots are held for long terms, at small ground rents.

To be viewed till the sale, only with tickets, and particulars may be had at the Horns, Kennington; at the Baptist Coffee- house, Chancery-lane; at Garraway's, 'Change-alley; of Mr. Fox, Solicitor, in Parliament-street; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden-square, where tickets for viewing may be had.

Elegant Villa and Farm, Hinxton, near Chesterford, Cambridge- shire, with immediate possession.

By Mr. WILLOCK, at Garraway's Coffee-house, in 'Change- alley, Cornhill, London, on Wednesday, the 26th of September, at Twelve, by Order of the Devisees, in One Lot,

A Modern-built FREEHOLD VILLA, most delightfully situate in the rural village of Hinxton, one mile from Chesterford, ten from Cambridge, 15 from Newmarket, and 46 from London, in the country of Cambridge, the property and late residence of Edward Green, Esq. deceased; consisting of a substantial well-built house, with handsome uniform fronts. containing five neat chambers on the attic story, five airy cheerful bed-chambers, with dressing-rooms, on the principal floor; and on the ground floor an entrance hall, a large eating room, breakfast- room, library, and spacious lofty drawing-room, with excellent cellaring, and all requisite offices for the accommodation of a family of fashion; together with pleasure grounds, lawn, plantations, orchard, walled kitchen gardens, cloathed and planned with a profusion of the choicest fruit trees in full bearing: a cold bath, fish-ponds, and dove-houses, well stocked; detached coach- houses for 5 carriages, a capital court of stabling for 11 horses; farm-buildings, genteel cottages, and sundry freehold and copy- hold inclosures surrounding the house; and lands dispersed in the adjoining common fields, containing altogether about 116 acres, in a country abounding with game, and surrounding roads remarkably good.

To be viewed any time preceding the sale, when particulars may be had on the premises; also at the Crown Inn, at Chesterford; Rose, at Cambridge; Ram, at Newmarket Crown, at Hockerill; at the Baptist Coffee-house, in Chancery-lane; at Garraway's; of Mr. Humphrys, Harpur-street, Bloomsbury; and of Mr. Willock, No. 25, Golden-square, where plans of the house and grounds may be seen.

To Oilmen, &c. --Leasehold House and Shop, Furniture and Stock in Trade, Goodge-street, Tottenham-court-road.

By Mr. PAGE, on the Premises, No. 11, Goodge-street, Tottenham- court-road, on Thursday, the 27th instant, at Eleven o'clock,

THE genuine Household Furniture and Stock in Trade of Mr John Whitehead, Oilman, deceased; comprising four-post and press bedsteads, with cotton furnitures; window curtains, feather beds and bedding, mahogany tables, chairs, bureau, carpets, glasses, linen, kitchen requisites, &c. The Stock consists of oils and pickles, vinegar, salt, starch, blues, brushes, mops, brooms, and various other articles.

May be viewed on Wednesday preceding the sale, when catalogues may be had of Mr. Page, No 232, Holbern.

On the same day, at twelve o'clock, will be sold, the Lease of the Premises, of which six years are unexpired, at a moderate rent.

Drury-Lane Theatre.

By Mr. PHIPPS, at Garraway's, on Wednesday, October the 3d; at Twelve o'clock,

A Proprietor's Share in the Theatre Royal, Drury- lane, being one of the 47th 3000|. Proprietors' Shares, for the remainder of a term of 99 years, which commenced on the 16th of September, 1795, which is a rent charge of one pound for every night of theatrical or other entertainments, of which there are about 200 in the year, and entitles the holder to the privilege of free admission, and of his writing an order for two persons to the boxes, or any other part of the house before the curtain, the privates boxes excepted, on every such night, and also to a transferable silver ticket.

Printed particulars may be had six days preceding the sale, at Stevens's Coffee-house, Bond-street; Messrs. Jenkins, James, and Co. New Inn; Mr. Phipps, Copthall-court, Throgmorton-street; and at Garraway's.

Freehold Tythes and valuable Estate, Goole, Yorkshire.

By Mr. BROTHER, at the Falcon Inn, Micklegate, York, on Friday, Oct. 5, at Three o'clock, peremptorily, and without reserve, in Lots.

THE Great Tythes of all or most of the Lands situate at Goole, in the parish of Sneith, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, and extending over upwards of 1440 acres of rich arable land. Also a very desirable and highly valuable Freehold Estate, situate at Goole, comprising 47 acres of fertile land, in the highest state of cultivation, and now in the occupation of Mr. Richard Cooper. The above is situated in the centre of very capital market-towns.

Particulars are now preparing, and will be ready for delivery forthwith, at the principal inns of the towns adjacent to the estate; of Mr. Shipton, Surveyor, Green, Hamerton; Messrs. Harvey and Robinson, Solicitors, Lincoln's Inn New Square; and of Mr. Farebrother, Auctioneer, No. 16, Old Bond-street, London.

FOREIGN WINE remarkably cheap, for Ready Money only. A quantity of choice Old Red Port now selling at No. 4, Caddick-row, Scotland Yard, Whitehall at 34s. per dozen.

A single Bottle may be had as a sample, and a quantity over one dozen sent, carriage free, to any part of the Town.

Office hours from ten until four o'clock.

underline Sales by Auction. /underline

Straw paper Mill, Millbank.

MESSRS. ROBINS beg most respectfully to acquaint the Public, the Sale of the above Mill and Concern will be peremptorily Sold by Auction, at Garraway's Coffee house, 'Change-alley, Cornhill, on Saturday, October 27, at Twelve o'clock. in One Lot, by direction of the Proprietors.

To Brokers and Others. --Lease, Furniture, Books, Music, Apparel, and Effects, Stratford, Essex.

By Messrs. ROBINS, on the Premises, near the Assembly House, Stratford, on Monday next; at Twelve o'clock,

THE LEASE of a substantial HOUSE, with garden and out-buildings in the occupation of Mr. D in Broker, who is going into another line of business. The premises have the advantage of a recent built shop, fronting the road. we calculated for the brokery, or any trade requiring a populous situation; held for a term of four years and a half from Michaelmas next, at the low rent of 181. per annum, out of which 41. unclear is lett off. At the same time will be sold, part of the household furniture and the remaining stock in trade, consisting of mahogany four-post bedsteads with cotton furnitures, sets of mahogany chairs, sideboard, card and other tables, fine-toned harpsichord by Kirkman, window curtains, carpets, books, music, table and unclear linen and bed furnitures, china, men's and women's wearing apparel, paintings, prints, bed-chamber chairs, auctioneer's pulpit, brewing utensils, and numerous useful effects.

May be viewed on Saturday, and catalogues had on the premises; Red Lion, Whitechapel; and of Messrs. Robins, Covent- garden.

Valuable unclear Effects.

By Messrs. ROBINS, at their Spacious Rooms, Piazza, Covent- garden, on Tuesday next, and following Day, at Twelve o'clock,

A Capital Assemblage of Unredeemed Pledges; consisting of 50 gold repeating, plain, and enamelled watches, 300 silver and metal ditto, a variety of useful plate, valuable diamond rings, pins, and jewellery; capital pearls and diamonds, double and single guns and pistols; a quantity of fine Irish, muslins, cottons, and sheetings; a large quantity of silk and cotton hose, black and white laces, table and bed linen, an assortment of wearing apparel, superfine cloths and kerseymeres, musical instruments, books, pictures, prints, carpets, bed furnitures, curtains, and various other pleages.

May be viewed, and catalogues had.

Valuable Copy-Rights, Stock in Trade, Furniture and Effects of Mr. Edward Riley, a Bankrupt.

By Messrs. ROBINS, on the Premises, on Thursday next, and following Day, at Twelve, by Direction of the Assignees,

THE valuable COPY-RIGHT in Two Thousand PLATES, in fine preservation, including a great number in high repute; an extensive variety of Music for Piano-forte, Violin, &c. in Duets, Solos, Sonatas, &c. a quantity of Military Music, Musical Instruments, consisting of fine-toned Piano-fortes with the additional keys, Grand Piano-fortes, Violins, Hautboys, Clarinets, Flutes with silver keys, Guitars, French Horns, a fine- toned Pedal Harp, Welch Harp, Bird Organs, &c. together with the Household Furniture, Linen, and Effects of Mr. Edward Riley, a bankrupt, at his house, No. 8, in the Strand.

May be viewed two days preceding the sale, and catalogues had of Messrs. Robins, Covent-garden.

COPYHOLD ESTATES, Hampton, Middlesex.

By Messrs. ROBINS, at the Red Lion, Hampton, on Tuesday, October 9, at Twelve o'clock, in Two Lots,

A Desirable COPYHOLD ESTATE, consisting of eighteen acres of meadow and arable land, in the common fields, and two inclosures of four acres of choice land, with the timber thereon. Also a large family house, with garden, yard, and out-buildings, in the possession of Mr. Trim; -and, adjoining, a large double barn, stabling for six horses, cow-house, and yard. The whole held on lease by Mr. John Shore, which expires at Michaelmas 1808, at the low old rent of 421. but capable of considerable advance.

Lot 2. A Copyhold Estate, comprising the Black Horse Public House, and two tenements, with gardens and out-buildings, in the occupation of Mr. James Hone, but lett for a term of twenty- one years from Midsummer next, to Messrs. Cole and Co. Brewers, at 301. per annum. The whole Estate is Copyhold of Inheritance, subject to a quit rent of 31. 3s. per annum, and a fine according to custom.

May be viewed six days prior to the sale, and particulars had at the place of sale; at the Castle, Kingston; King's Head, Twickenham; Bush, Staines; Pigeons, Brentford; of Mr. Searth- Solicitor, No. 4, Lyon's Inn, Strand; and of Messrs. Robins, Covent-garden.

Rent Charge, secured upon a capital Estate in Sussex.

By Messrs. ROBINS, at their Spacious Rooms, Piazza, Covent- Garden, early in October,

A RENT CHARGE of 293|. 16s. per annum, most amply secured unclear on a capital Estate, in the County of Sussex, for a term, upwards of 90 years of which is unexpired unclear on lease to an unexceptionable tenant, at a rent of 700|. per ann.

Particulars are preparing, and may be had in a few days at Garraway's Coffee-house; and in Covent-Garden.

To Paper-makers, Brewers, unclear, Cotton Manufacturers, and Dyers.--Most valuable and extensive Premises, occupying a singularly eligible plot of ground of 3005 feet in diameter adjoining the River Thames, at Thames Bank, unclear House, with the substantial newly erected Buildings, Paper Mill, Steam Engine, &c. recently employed in the Straw Paper Manufactory--By Messrs. ROBINS, at Garraway's Coffee- house, Exchange-alley, Cornhill, on Saturday, the 27th of October, at Twelve o'clock, in One Lot,

ALL those very substantial and newly erected Buildings and Premises, combining every accommodation, with unusual facility for manufacturing paper on the most extensive seale, and for which purpose they are decidedly superior in every respect to any other within the united kingdom, and have been erected at an expense of 70,000. and are most eligibly situate, adjoining the River Thames, on Thames Bank, and only half a mile distant from Westminster Bridge. The premises consist of an elegant small bow-fronted dwelling-house, with garden, offices, and observatory, which affords a most beautiful as well as extensive view of the surrounding country; a drying-house, 459 feet long by 21 two ditto, 144 by 21, paper-making-house, 53 by 28, a steam engine- house, of eight horse power, 57 by 52, a preparing-house, 90 by 66, a ditto, 106 by 20, an elaboratory, 60 by 27, a capital twelve-stall stable, engine-house, cart-house, porter's lodge, a substantial foundation for the erection of a steam engine, of eighty horse power, 186 feet by 56: a canal, with flood gates out from the river, at an expence of at least 6000|. communicates to the different buildings, and gives easy access to the barges, 379 feet long and 68 wide, with a branch capable of being extended 320 feet long and 68 wide; three wells of fine water, pump, &c. the whole inclosed with a high oak paling, and good road. The portion of land employed in every branch of the manufactory will leave upwards of 2500 feet of ground to build upon, and for which purpose it is very eligible, particularly, near 1000 feet immediately facing the Thames, as it would command very fine views over the counties of Surrey and Kent, and which at a moderate calculation, will produce a ground rent of near 700. per annum; and the whole premises and land are held on a lease under Lord Grosvenor, for a term of 67 years, at the very small rent of 1000|. per annum. The valuable plant, fixtures, and fittings up are to be taken at a fair valuation; and descriptive particulars may be had 30 days prior to the sale, at the principal Inn in every manufacturing town in England, and plants of the estate to be seen at Mr. Lister's, Solicitor, No. 4, Norfolk-street, Strand and of Messrs. Robins, Great Piazza, Covent-garden.

By Mr. GRAHAM, on Tuesday, the 16th of October, at Tom's Coffee-house, Cornhill, London, at Twelve o'clock, in Two Lots.

A Singularly desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE, in the parishes of Milton, Bobbing, and Halstow; comprising the extensive Manor or Lordship of Norwood Chastners, near Sittingbourn, in Kent, with the right of court leer and court baron, quit rents, fines, royalties, &c. and Norwood Farm, containing about 250 acres of old inclosed pasture, meadow, and arable land, within a ring fence. The situation is delightful, bold, and placid, combining sea, river, and land views, exhibiting scenes of uncommon richness, extent, and variety; the Swale to Whitstable Bay, the Medway, Queenborough, and Sheerness, the Nore, the Essex coast, the shipping to and from the Thames, Gads and Boughton Hills equi-distant, and the range of country to Maidstone, &c. forming an immense amphitheatre from the crown of Calumn Hill, the greatest part of which rises with the circle of this estate, close to the Telegraph; from thence the lands gradually slope to a rich and fertile plain, which most probably has been an ancient park. Upwards of 600 fine oaks grouped and scattered chiefly about the centre of the estate, give it a grand and park like appearance, and nature seems to court the hand of art to aid and embellish this enchanting spot, formed as it were to commence, extend, and perpetuate a family possession, of real consequence in this enviable county. The house is neither large nor handsome, the farming buildings adequate, and the grounds well watered. The only drawback is a lease on the farm, which has ten years to run, at one-third of its annual value. There is also a thriving wood adjoining, of ten acres, in hand, and another of about 25 acres, called Sabine's Wood, lying under Boughton Hill, and in the parish of Hearn Hill. The latter will be sold in a separate lot.

To be viewed by applying to Mr. Blaxland, of Newingto street, near the premises, of whom particulars and plans may had; also at the Inns at Dartford, Rochester, Ospringe, Cantebury, and Maidstone; the George, Boughton; of Mr. Grub Great Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields; of Mr. Bryan unclear Solicitor, sittingbourn; and of Mr. Graham, Red-lion-squar London.

Printed at No. 18, CAtherine-street, Strand, where Advertiseme and Letters (post paid) must be addressed. --H. BROWN, Prin No. 18, Catherine-street Stand; T. GLASSINGTON, Publis same place.