Key Trends In Australian Car Sales 2021

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From an upsurge in electric vehicle sales to a Chinese manufacturer’s progress in our market. The February 2021 version of VFACTS from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries gives us an interesting insight into motor vehicle trends in Australia. We’ve picked out a trio of highlights for you… Trends up in electrical vehicle sales

It’s fair to say that electrical vehicles (EV) are an increasingly important topic in car conversations, whether in the media or our own discussions.

Electrified vehicle sales – which includes hybrids and plug-in hybrids, as well as fully electric models – went from 5175 in Feb 20 to 5483 for the same period this year. That’s a six per cent increase; tempered slightly for all-electric enthusiasts by the fact that over 90% were hybrids – with the Toyota RAV4 leading the way.

262 electrical-only vehicles were sold in this year’s period, up by 110 over last year. These figures exclude Tesla, which doesn’t yet provide official results for Australia. However, it has been reported that they imported more battery-electric vehicles into the country during last year than all of their rivals combined! Incidentally, last month saw twenty sales of the Hyundai Nexo; and these are the first-ever hydrogen light vehicles sold here. Top 5 in the overall sales charts

Toyota held three of these positions last month. The HiLux led the way with 4808, up from 3421 last year. This figure is a combination of both 4×4 and 4×2 variants. Ford hit the second spot with the Ranger, but selling just over 300 less compared to February last year.

Toyota was third with the RAV4 (2750) and fourth with the Corolla (2427); again both of these totals less than previously. Completing the top five was the Hyundai i30, with 2210, and their year-on-year sales rose slightly. Hello to MG

This Chinese manufacturer, owners of the British brand, broke into our country’s top ten manufacturers listing for the first time. They achieved a 160.3% year-on-year growth, to take eighth place, with just over three thousand sales.

This means they finished ahead of brands such as Volkswagen, Honda, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and others! Incidentally, Toyota retained first place, with over ten thousand more sales in February compared to their nearest rivals. An ever-changing picture

These valuable insights from VFACTS continue to paint a detailed picture of a marketplace that is both relatively constant in some areas and extremely innovative in others.

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