Top 5 Japanese Car Brands in Australia

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Japan is one of the world’s top producers of motor vehicles, with eight million cars manufactured in 2020. The automotive industry has taken the relatively small country by storm, which has allowed for brands such as Toyota and Honda to become household names in many countries – including Australia.

With quality practically guaranteed, it may be a good investment to make your next car a Japanese make. Here are just a few of the Japanese car brands that you should consider.

1. Toyota

Vehicles by Toyota regularly top charts of all kinds, with their HiLux model being particularly successful within Australia. Despite a small decrease in sales, Toyota also maintains its position as the number one car brand in the country as of June 2021 – and Western rival Ford had less than half of their sales.

If you are looking for a mid-size budget SUV, the new Toyota RAV4 might be what you’re looking for. This model boasts a bold style and a pre-collision system to prevent any unfortunate accidents while you’re on the road, putting many years of automotive innovation to good use.

2. Mazda

Mazda is often close to Toyota on any sales metric, but this competition is very healthy – they have a long-term partnership where the two companies exchange technology, ensuring that they each have the best in the business. Mazda is the second most sold manufacturer in Australia after Toyota.

The Mazda CX-30 is currently performing quite well in Australia, filling the niche of a small SUV. The vehicle has a high horsepower due to the Skyactiv engine which consumes less fuel than its closest competitors. With their strong engines and reduced emissions, Mazda is both exceptional and efficient.

3. Honda

Honda is probably best known for being the world’s biggest manufacturer of motorcycles, and for the work they have done with combustion engines, aircraft, and even robotics. Their cars are a testament to their innovation across every sector, and have been acclaimed for being fuel-efficient – this makes them a perfect buy if you are worried about your energy use.

The Honda Odyssey has been around in some form since 1994, with the last model released in 2018. However, it is currently the highest-selling Honda vehicle in the country due to the unique 2021 facelift. This upgrade has given the car gesture-controlled sliding doors and a better form of Honda’s driver assistance system.

4. Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi name carries a lot of weight in Japan’s automotive industry – the brand was responsible for the country’s first series-production automobile, the 1917 Mitsubishi Model A. Today, the company is still working hard to produce some of the best cars that the nation (and the world) has driven.

The most recent model of the Mitsubishi Triton pickup truck was released in 2015, yet this version still enjoyed a comfortable amount of sales in June 2021 across Australia. This is because Mitsubishi’s iconic vehicles are as high-quality as they come, with the Triton in particular able to drive across any road condition or lack thereof.

5. Nissan

The Nissan name began as an abbreviation for Japan Industries but now stands as one of the best-known car companies in the world. Part of this is because of their recent ventures into the electric vehicle industry, where they rub shoulders with Tesla in terms of worldwide sales.

Electric vehicles have yet to take hold in Australia, but this is expected to change in the coming years. Instead, the best-selling Nissan vehicle in Australia at the moment is the Patrol Wagon, a high-end SUV that can deliver on both power and style across any terrain.

As you can see, Japanese cars form a powerful part of the automobile market. A key reason for this seems to be the technological innovations they bring, with safety a core concern for many of these companies. If you are looking for a new car, you cannot go wrong with a Japanese model.

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