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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Deservio, ivi, ire_ {To serve


Pango, pepegi, ĕre_ To covenant Agroto, avi, are_ To be sick Fomentum, i_ {An application

                                                       {to ease pain

Sepelio, ivi, ire_ To bury Rerum potitus_ {To be at the

                                                        {head of affairs 

Compello, avi, are_ To accost address Arcanum, i_ A secret Segnitur_ Slothfully note 10 /note Jacto, avi,are_ To boast Fatisco, ĕre_ To grow faint Adminiculum,i_ A prop Obvolvo, i ĕre_ To wrap up Percello, uldeletion l deletioni ĕre_{To strike

                                                             {to the heart