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Latin underline Words and Phrases /underline

Sperno evi, ĕre_ To despise Conscindo, scidi, ĕre_ To rend Obtestor, atus, ari_ To conjure Renito, isus, iti_ {To resist

                                                  {strive against

Hiatus, ûs_ An opening note 30 /note Catervatina_ by heaps Grassor, atus, ari _ To proceed spread Placo, avi, are_ To appease Expilo, avi, are_ To plunder Vitam suspendio} {To hang finire} {one's self. Exequiae, arum_ A burial Alveus fluminis_ {The channel of


Siccus, a ,um_ Dry Fretus, a, um_ The lying upon Tergum,i_ A Back note 40 /note Co^addition n /addition veho, xi, ēre_ To carry Concire iram_ To raise^ addition or stir up /addition anger